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The Perfect way to start your morning. With a blend of good fats to give you energy that will last throughout the day. Almonds, Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dates, raisins, flaxseeds and coconut flakes. Your new favorite breakfast. Energy Nut Bar

Our Energy Nut Bar, A blend of almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dates, raisins, flaxseed and coconut flakes.

: $3.50
Raw Paleo Chocolate Bar Raw Paleo Chocolate Bar

Curbs all cravings with this chocolate bar. An amazingly delicious snack that is good for you. Packed with good fats. Everything you need to fuel you during your day!

Cal. 420, Carbs: 42.6g, Protein: 5.2g,
Fat: 27.6g, Sod. 10.4mg

: $3.50
Chocolate Banana Muffin Chocolate Banana Muffin

Planit Eats version of a chocolate muffin. 100% gluten free like the rest of our menu. Almond Flour and coconut flour as the base. Gotta try this one!

Cal. 454.9, Carbs: 38.5g, Protein: 12.1g,
Fat: 31.3g, Sod. 28.1mg, WW: 13 points

: $3.50
Honey Roasted Nuts Honey Roasted Nuts

Contains: Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, honey, sea salt.

Cal: 530.4, Carbs: 20.7g, Protein: 16.7g, Fat: 46.8g, Sod. 1.5mg

: $4.00
Brownie Brownie

Our house made Chocolate and Almond Butter brownies are completely Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar free! Try this delicious snack today.

Cal. 206.1, Carbs: 33.13g, Protein: 6.1g,
Sod. 5.2mg, WW: 12 points

: $4.00
Protein Bar Protein Bar

Flax seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds, coconut, almond butter, honey, vanilla extract

Cal. 190, Carbs: 12.55g, Protein: 5.2g,
Fat: 15.2g, Sod. 78.8mg

: $4.00
Egg Quiche Egg Quiche

2 Whole eggs baked with peppers, onions, and spinach.

Cal. 127, Carbs: 4.9g, Protein: 16g,
Fat: 5g, Sod. 20mg, WW: 3 points

: $4.50
Chocolate Triple Play Delight Chocolate Triple Play Delight

A perfect blend of Walnuts, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Oats, Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate, Honey, and Sea Salt
3 Servings per package
Calories/ Per Serving:
187.6 Carbs: 7.9g Protein: 4.7g Fat: 17.6g

: $5.00