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What is Plan It Eats?

As we already know, if you are NOT currently living a Healthy lifestyle, becoming healthy is not something that happens overnight. Not to mention, as humans we are similar, but ALL different. Due to the fact that there is a such a HUGE NEED for a One Stop Wellness Shop, in YOUR AREA!

PlanIt Eats
has decided to fill that niche and #BeTheChange we ALL NEED!

We are proud to say that PlanIt Eats is MUCH MORE than a Healthy Food, Home and Business Delivery Service. Combined with our NETWORK of Highly Qualified and Experienced Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals, PlanIt Eats is Your FOOD, EXERCISE, & SCIENCE Based WELLNESS SYSTEM!

There are many reasons WHY the PlanIt Eats is the most convenient Grab and Go Healthy meals Home and Business Food Delivery and Complete Wellness Program, out there TODAY!

First and foremost, the PlanIt Eats President and CEO, Michael Glassman, has been customizing Meal Plans, since he opened the Healthy Grille in Dartmouth, MA, back in 2002. When Michael decided to #BeTheChange, he revolutionized his business model into the amazingly convenient healthy Food Delivery and Wellness System you now know as PlanIt Eats, he paved the way, for everyday people, to enjoy the BENEFITS of our philosophy,

Over the past 13 years, Michael has built a network of Industries Professionals that have all joined forces to provide you with the MOST COMPLETE OVERALL WELLNESS PROGRAM available in the COUNTRY!

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What makes PlanIt Eats stand above the competition? Here is a just a quick introduction to one of the KEY MEMBERS, that make it possible for the PlanIt Eats Team to provide the ABSOLUTE BEST
COMPLETE WELLNESS PROGRAM, our Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Rene St. Laurent.

Rene St.Laurent DNM, CCN, RPH

Rene St. Laurent has over 35 years experience as a registered pharmacist, a Doctor of Natural Medicines degree, endorsed by World Health Organization, and over 8 years practicing as a board certified clinical nutritionist. Rene is also certified in the function & regulation of hormones and has an advanced certification in the assessment and nutritional/supplemental support protocols used in many energy and hormonal issues surrounding Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, pre and post menopause and pain related issues.

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NOW, every journey has to start somewhere! And the journey to KNOWING WHAT and HOW MUCH to eat starts with KNOWING how many Calories your body burns at rest(RMR). But, how do you go about figuring that out? The most accurate way to figure this out is by taking a Metabolic Test.


The Metabolic Test allows us to determine how your body burns calories in a resting state. Then from there you answer some questions about your exercise habits and health/fitness related goals. At the end of the test you will know how many calories you normally burn, how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current situation and how many you need consume to achieve your goals, whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight.

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We appreciate your patience as we do our best to enhance overall experience of this website. If you have any suggestions on topics that you would like to learn more about please feel free to ask your question or comment HERE and we will do our very best to answer your question in one of Future Articles! Stay tuned, for service highlights, insightful videos, nutritional tips Specials!!

Here is YOUR chance to make a DIFFERENCE in a Loved One's LIFE!

What better way to #BeTheChange than by Giving the Gift of Health to someone You Love and Care about?

If you know of someone that needs our help, Please let us know who they are here. Everyone NEEDS to EAT!

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We hope to be helping you in person soon!!

Your Friends at PlanIt Eats