Within my first month, I lost 10 pounds and brought my cholesterol and sugar levels to normal when they were high. All my other bloodwork has improved and my energy levels went up. I really enjoy the food and love the snacks.
- Phil O.

Twelve weeks ago, I walked into PlanIt Eats not sure what to expect. I was interested in their “Eight Week Summer Slim-Down” program, so I scheduled my appointment for Metabolic Testing. I met with Michael Glassman and was put immediately at ease. I am well into my senior years, and wasn’t sure if this was for me. He told me it is very important for seniors to stay active and get exercise. I had been pretty active all my life, but never really exercised. I had packed on more than a few pounds and was determined to lose the additional weight. My spouse had passed away a couple of years ago and I just didn’t feel like cooking so I wasn’t eating properly. I signed up for the Grab-N-Go meals, snacks and joined a gym. Since then, I feel more energized, stronger and I have lost approximately 15 pounds. The food is excellent and there’s a good variety to choose from, including low carb meals. I also do not feel hungry between meals and I know I am getting proper nutrition. I highly recommend PlanIt Eats to anyone looking to improve their nutrition.

- Arlene P.

Down about 4 or 5 pounds already and I’m definitely starting to see an increase in energy. I’ve felt supported through this journey and it’s nice to have such great resources at my hands. I rave about the food from PlanIt Eats and I love being able to help.

- Lorrie A.

It’s great to have healthy, clean meals delivered to me while on the job. Very easy to order, good portions and I’m able to follow my diet.
- Kevin D.

My first time at PlanIt Eats! Your honey mustard chicken had a great light flavor with a hint of Indian-inspired spices. Nice and creamy. The basmati rice was sweet, but not over-powering. The broccoli was perfect and crunchy. I was full without having to eat the whole meal (and I have a crazy appetite). For someone that craves junk food, your healthy alternatives exceeded my expectations.

- Kristy L.