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Paleo Garden Salad with Tuna Fresh Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers, Broccoli, Carrots, and White Albacore Tuna. Planit Eats Is the Best Meal Delivery service in 2021 Paleo Garden Salad with Tuna

Planit Eats Paleo Garden Salad With Tuna, Delivered on a bed of fresh, crisp romaine

: $11.50
Baked alaskan cod seasoned with paprika and dill served with roasted cinnamon sweet potato and steamed broccoli Wholesome Baked Alaskan Cod

Planit Eats Wholesome Baked Alaskan Cod, Served up with our famous cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes

: $12.50
Shrimp, broccoli, basmati rice, onions, peppers, teriyaki sauce, alt and pepper, ginger. 

Cal.: 529.7, Carbs: 60.7g, Protein: 36.6g,
Fat: 18.1g, Sodium: 592.2mg, WW:11 PlanItEats Teriyaki Shrimp

Our Planit Eats Teriyaki Shrimp, tossed in low Calorie Teriyaki sauce, topped with fresh ginger, salt & pepper

: $12.50
Surf and turf at its finest. This classic pairing of chicken and shrimp sauteed with fresh garlic with onions, peppers, asparagus, and spinach tossed with our homemade tomato sauce served over our garlic baked zoodles. Super Stir-Fried Chicken and Shrimp

Our Super Stir-Fried Chicken and Shrimp, sautéed with fresh garlic, onions, bell peppers, asparagus and spinach

: $12.50
Native Haddock topped with our own fresh parsley grass fed garlic butter sauce. Paired with garlic roasted asparagus and zucchini, summer squash mixed vegetables. Hearty Paleo Haddock Baked

Our Hearty Paleo Haddock Baked, Paired with perfectly roasted garlic asparagus and zucchini, summer squash

: $13.00
Paleo Blackened Salmon for home meal delivery Paleo Blackened Salmon

Our Paleo Blacken Salmon, served up with mashed sweet potatoes and garlic sautéed green beans.

: $13.00
Wild caught salmon in a sweet honey glaze and served with a side of garlic mashed cauliflower and roasted asparagus. Wholefood Honey Glazed Salmon

Planit Eats Wholefood Honey Glazed Salmon, accompanied by a side of heavenly garlic cauliflower

: $13.00