Recurring Meal Ordering

Recurring Meal Packages

Do you need to eat healthier? Lose weight? Get back on track? Not sure where to start? Maybe you just don’t have the time to prepare meals each week. You might be dining out too much, spending on food that isn’t good for you, or even skipping meals! We can help you eat right, and get into a routine. We get you on track, and get you eating to fuel your body, energy, and mood to perform and live your best!

Our recurring meal service is the EASIEST and most convenient way to eat healthy. You don't have to worry about remembering to order each week. We hand pick meals and ship them to you automatically!

If you want the BEST results and convenience, this is for you….

The absolute EASIEST option for you at PlanitEats is using a recurring meal program. Instead of having to go online and manually place your orders each week, we do the work for you. You let us know how many meals you want each week, and we look at our menu and hand pick them! If you’re on a special diet, or you’re training with us, even better! We’ll make sure you get meals that work for you and your needs.

  • Minimum of 5 meals per week - unlimited maximum amount!

  • No need to manually order online each week

  • Meals automatically delivered every Monday (pick-up option available)

  • Saves you time and effort!

  • Hand-picked each week for customized plans and special diets

We take the thought and effort out of what to eat, how to eat, grocery shopping, and meal prep! Have your meals automatically delivered each week. Enjoy a customized menu with food that you love, saving you time and money and helping you get and stay healthy, while eating the food that your body needs. And FYI --- There’s no commitment and you can cancel at anytime!!! That means you don’t have any reason NOT to give it a try! Just see if it works for YOU!

CALL US TODAY to begin the process of setting this up!